Integrity Policy

ProKonsul Consulting® follows global standards of integrity in its consulting practice. All client engagements are covered by a mutually binding non-disclosure agreement. ProKonsul Consulting® does not share any data / business process / product or pricing information with any third party, unless agreed in writing with specific client .

ProKonsul Consulting® is compensated by the client based on a written contract defining agreed scope of work.

  • ProKonsul Consulting® does not represent directly or indirectly any airline, hotel, travel agency /travel management company (collectively defined as business travel supplier/s or BTS )
  • Does not directly / indirectly promote any BTS
  • Does not receive any lead referral fees / sales promotion fees from any BTS
  • Does not receive any transactional incentive from any BTS

ProKonsul Consulting® is completely independent of & agnostic to the use of a specific business travel supplier/s by the client.